10 Pets who are ready AF for Summer!

Summer means happy times, good weather, sunshine, and longer days. It also means BBQ’s, beach trips, vacations, relaxing by the pool, and soaking up some vital rays.

We aren’t the only ones who enjoy the Summer season… Our pets do too! Check out these Summer obsessed pets!

Let’s begin…

1. King of the big sandy litter box!

This cat is very serious about his beach vacation!

2. Picnic? Did you say picnic?

Nothing like relaxing on a blanket in the sun! Blanket? Check! Sunglasses? Check!


3. Ya’ll come to these here parts often?

I reckon this guy put in a long hard days work and needs to cool his undercarriage!


4. Brain freeze!

It wouldn’t be summer without a cold treat, colored tongue, and a frozen headache!


5. I donut know the way to the pool.

This guy is clearly ready to take a dip in some refreshing water.


6. Lazy Summer Day.

This guy knows where it’s at! Nothing like napping poolside or at the beach!


7. Pool Party!

Did someone say pool party? These guys are down for some pool time. They even have their gear ready!


8. Bro, totally gonna ride some rapids later with my crew.

There is always that adventurous group that loves a physical challenge!


9. There is only enough room on this floatie for me.

This pup is next level chill with it’s own personal float and shades. Can you say spoiled?


10. Big beach hats everywhere!

Nothing like sand, sun, and a giant floppy beach hat to complete the summer look!

I don’t know about you, but just like these pets, I am ready for summer too! Which picture was your favorite? As always, drop us a comment below!

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